I bought my first camera in 1987. I had saved every penny from lost teeth, birthdays and odd jobs to buy the hot pink le clic of my dreams. I finished my first roll of film within hours of my triumphant purchase and turned it in for developing that same day. For the next week, I waited impatiently for my amazing images sure to change the face of photography forever. When I finally opened the envelope, I was horrified – the pictures were awful and the worst part was that somehow each photo was printed half on one paper and half on the next paper! In an epic fit of rage that can only come from a 9 year-old girl, I threw both camera and offending pictures in the trash can.

I didn’t consider photography again until my first child was born in 2005 and I realized the truth of all of the cliché’s. I was given a front row seat to how quickly time passes. After several years of marriage to an aspiring film-maker, I had given up the creative process of recording our families memories. But as I watched my son grow before my eyes, I knew that if I wanted to document his every roll, step, word and experience, I would have to take charge. I picked up my first DSLR and committed to learning all that I could. At the time I had no idea how much I would fall in love with photography itself. Two cameras, many classes, countless books and two more boys later I decided it was time to turn my passion into a career.


You’re still here? You want more? What’s going on when my face isn’t pressed to my Canon? Video games, hiking watching movies; whatever it is, chances are it involves my husband and three boys! French fries are pretty much my favorite thing on the planet. Other than Margaritas. And Starbucks Nonfat Salted Caramel Mochas (can someone tell me why they only carry that fantastic salted topping at the holidays?!?)I love to read anything from thrillers to romance to my children’s required reading. I have a love hate relationship with running and often find my motivation hinging on my newest awesome running mix. Many of my friends will attest that I make some of the best “mix tapes”, which I believe is a lost art form. I hate socks so much I bought a pair of those goofy looking running shoes with toes, which are great, but make me thankful that my treadmill is privately ensconced in my garage.  I also hate heels. This makes me sad since I don’t even crack five feet and really could benefit from them! One of my favorite things about living in Southern California is that I can wear flip-flops almost year round! My toes didn’t start off this happy, growing up just outside Washington, DC they suffered many a brutal winter. College in Ohio kept them mostly covered as well, but also introduced me to my husband who paved my path to Santa Clarita. And when we meet for our session, I’m sure you’ll learn even more about me then you ever wanted to know because I LOVE to talk. In case you couldn’t already tell…m