*Additional fees apply for extended family sessions


For all full sessions, payment is required before your session.  If you would like to book a session during the months of September, October or November, I require a deposit in order to hold your time slot.


Family sessions average 45 minutes to an hour, during which time I will capture your family members together, individually, posed and candid all while strolling around one of my favorite outdoor locations. Is there somewhere you’ve always wanted to be photographed? Let me know! I love discovering new spots! Please be aware that outdoor sessions may need to be rescheduled when the weather threatens. We will be in contact leading up to your session and will decide together when a reschedule is necessary. No one feels like smiling when they feel sick, so please let me know soonest if a child is feeling too ill for your session. I will reschedule you gladly, but please also know that prompt rescheduling can be a challenge during the busy months.


Your best images will be selected, hand edited and ready for viewing within 2 weeks of your session (or up to 3 weeks in peak season). As soon as your images are finalized, they will be delivered in a private online proofing gallery. Galleries average 75 photos for a family of 4. I will provide all images in color, but please feel free to ask me if you would prefer a specific image in black & white.


Your booking authorizes Maggie Martin Photography full rights to use any of your session photos for promotion on this website, the Maggie Martin Photography Facebook page as well as use in future promotion and advertising materials. I now require a signed contract and model release before our session begins.




What kind of sessions do you offer?

I am currently offering sessions for toddlers, children, teens, families, reconnection sessions, and headshots. (What’s a reconnection session? Read more here)


Why do you include all of the photos in your pricing?

I have lots of reasons for running my business this way, so thanks for asking! Children are capable of SO many different expressions and I love hearing about my clients’ favorites, but I don’t want you to have to choose a favorite! I aim to document every side of your child and I know that someday you will be so grateful to have that goofy photo you might not have chosen to purchase because it wasn’t right for your Christmas card.  I also know budgets can be tight and I want to make sure that my clients have keepsakes that include every member of the family. It’s important for each child to have an individual photo with each parent and with his or her siblings. I also strongly believe in getting Mom and Dad into the photos – including having a photo taken of JUST the two of them! Which brings me to my next question.


Can I pay a reduced session fee if I only want photos of my children?

No. I feel strongly that every family member should be in photos – that means you too Mom and Dad! Every year I have a tentative parent who doesn’t really want to participate and reminds me that they would never send a picture that includes them on a holiday card. And let me tell you, when I get their holiday card and it’s a photo of EVERYONE?!? I LOVE IT! I always tell clients, you don’t have to use the photos, or print the photos, but I promise you will someday be so very glad you took them! And of course your children will be as well!


I do have some families who book with me for separate sessions during the year to document a particular child’s milestones. If you are interested in scheduling multiple sessions throughout the year, please let me know and we can work together on a fee depending on your needs.


I hate to ask, but what should I wear?

First, don’t feel bad asking! Most people do! My suggestion is to start with Mom and build from there. Once Mom finds something she feels comfortable and confident in, build the rest of the family’s attire around her. Don’t feel like you need to match, but you should all look like you’re going the same place. So if Mom feels great in something she would wear to church or a nice dinner, everyone else should follow suit. If Mom prefers choosing something more casual, go that direction for the rest of the family as well.
Some additional advice: Avoid too much black and/or white, subtle prints can look lovely, but larger patterns can be very distracting. Clothing with large logos is also best avoided.